Intimate Dreams Parties is the dream of Lorelei Smith. After 14 years in the adult novelty home party plan industry as a Romance Consultant, she decided to create her own company. Lorelei has always had a strong desire to help others. Whether it be as a neighbor simply providing a good meal, a Romance Consultant advising hostesses and party attendees, or as a mentor to another consultant in the same industry, she has always thrived on being able to assist.

Intimate Dreams Parties Founder

A personal message from the Founder…

“My goal is to keep Intimate Dreams Parties simple, yet effective. Throughout my time in this industry I have seen a number of different approaches to the way plans have been run. The most well-liked seemed to be the ones that did not over-complicate things with quotas, a myriad of levels to track, complicated compensation plans, etc. When discussing things with other consultants I often found they wished the plans were simple, concise, and profitable for each and every team member.

I also understand that the success of any home party plan depends on the efforts of the consultants, not the desires of the management. That is why I dedicate myself to making sure each and every consultant has the resources necessary to feel, and be, successful.

Life would be very boring were it not for the opportunity to reach for the next goal. It would also be wasted if the journey to those goals were not shared with loved ones and friends. This is why I, personally, would like to invite you along on this journey with me to make Intimate Dreams Parties a huge success.”