Become an Intimate Dreams Parties Consultant

We are looking for consultants! Now is your opportunity to join Intimate Dreams Parties on its ground floor business opportunity.

What's in it for you:

  • Earn a very strong 40% commission right from the start
  • Earn another 5% on team sales (if you want to build a team)
  • Online website with a store professionally maintained for you
  • No monthly sales quotas
  • FREE hostess gifts
  • Work for yourself
  • Make your own hours
  • No experience required
  • Very generous reward and recognition
  • Part time or full time, it's your choice
  • The help of someone who has done this for over 14 years

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Frequently Asked Questions About Being a Consultant

Being an Intimate Dreams Parties consultant is avery rewarding experience. We find that many people often have lots of questions about what is is like. We have tried to answer many of them below, if you find you still have more do not hesitate to complete the form to contact us. We can help put you on the path to success!

Intimate Dreams Parties product line consist of over 375 unique products. We offer lubricants, lotions, massage oils, books, vibrators, and massagers; just to name a few. In addition we offer exclusive products to our hostesses.

Demand for our products is increasing. Customers attend our parties because they are uneasy about visiting a store or ordering on the internet. You will provide a comfortable setting where your customers can learn about products that will enhance their relationship, pleasure and happiness. They can taste, feel, and smell the products while having the opportunity to ask questions in this safe and fun party atmosphere you create. Many of your customers will tell you how helpful the information is and thank you for enriching their lives.

Sell anywhere, everywhere, and anytime through your home parties, passing your catalog, or your website. There are no territories. Everyone over 18 is your customer. We do not discriminate.

No worries, we have you covered! You won't doing that stuff. Your website and store have been designed by and will be constantly maintained by professionals in the technology industry. Your website and store will be kept up for you. The products you sell will be loaded into your store. We do all of this for you so all you have to do is poinjt people toward your store and party.

There is a higher demand for these products in home parties verses a store or on the internet. To start we recommend you have your own party first! This will help you get to know the products and will be in a familiar environment. Think of your friends, work associates, married couples and singles as your guests. You may even be able to divide up your acquaintances into a few parties. Since most parties usually generate two additional bookings, you can be well on your way to booking parties in no time.

First of all, it's not really public speaking. You are amoungst friends wanting to have a good time, not really conduct business. The products sell themselves. It is really as easy as show and tell you did in elementary school. You will find your party sales do not depend on your presentation alone. In addition, especially you will have training materials in the back office. Your guests will respect you for educating them and providing them with a relaxed atmosphere where they can share their experiences

Before you know it, your nervousness will disappear as a result of the positive reaction from your customers. Everyone will be having so much fun and you will be having fun along with them! More importantly, after each party you will feel gratified that you have provided this special private shopping service helping others to improve their relationships. After just a couple of parties you will be fine. We find that most fear comes from the unkown, and once you have experienced a party or two as an Intimate Dreams Parties consultant, you won't even know what being nervous is.

Here at Intimate Dreams Parties we offer many forms of support to you

  • Training is always provided at no extra cost. In addition to your start up kit, you will have access to training resources in the back office
  • You will have priviledged access to a private Facebook consultants page where you can find many proven business ideas, ask questions and receive answers from our successful consultants
  • E-mailed business building tips.
  • We conduct consistant tele-training classes
  • Newsletters packed full of business tips and ideas to help grow your business
  • An annual conference to provide intensive business building workshops and networking opportunities
  • Home office contact information to provide answers to questions by phone or email
  • HProfessional technical support
  • The support of someone who has been in this business for over 14 years